Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems

Current lithium-ion battery technology possesses many advantages over traditional sealed lead acid batteries. Sealed lead acid are heavy, costly to maintain and take up much more space than lithium-ion batteries. Our 5 kWh and 7.4 kWh lithium-ion power units are half the weight of sealed lead acid with 2 times the energy density. Added benefits of our power units are a longer shelf life of 5-7 years versus 18 months-2 years with sealed lead acid, no operational degredation at higher temperatures (up to 60°C), faster and more efficient recharge times of 20-25% that work very well with solar PV, cycling with more discharge cycles (5-10x) and full depth of discharge capability versus only 50% for sealed lead acid plus no servicing or watering required and no need for hydrogen gas extraction provisions.

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