Lithium Ion Systems

Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems: Power Units

Floor mount units are available in 5 kWh or 7.4 kWh models and include secure vented stainless steel cabinets with inspection window kits to monitor system status and provide access to the lithium-ion modules power/breaker switches. The dimensions of our floor mount cabinet is 24 inches wide, 28 inches high and 30 inches deep. These cabinets can be stacked 2 high which doubles the power units output on the same footprint, and are designed for residential and commercial applications. Total weight for the 5 kWh model is 255 lbs., while the 7.4 kWh model weighs 270 lbs.

Wall/bulkhead mount units are available in the same power configurations as our floor mount units. These stainless steel cabinets are designed to be installed in confined areas such as marine, RV or emergency vehicle applications. The cabinets used are also secure vented with inspection window kits to monitor system status and provide access to the lithium-ion modules power/breaker switches. Total weight for the 5 kWh model is 235 lbs while the 7.4 kWh model weighs 250 lbs. All wall/bulkhead mount units include interior anti-vibration padding to isolate equipment from vibration, shock, vertical and horizontal forces. Dimensions for the wall/bulkhead mount cabinet is 30 inches wide, 30 inches high and 12 inches deep.

Key features of our lithium-ion power units are high energy density, cycle life of 3000+ cycles with over 80% retained capacity, rapid charge capability, wide operating temperature range of -25 C to 65 C, storage temperature range of -30 C to 70 C, no memory effect, standard forced air cooling, option of 24V or 48V unit applications, no required venting of noxious gases as with lead-acid, totally maintenance free, current proven safe technology. All of our power units and systems are ESA and/or UL certified, pending application and installation requirements.